Toronto Family Lawyer Advising Business Owners and High-Net-Worth Individuals on Separation

Separated couples face several decisions that significantly impact their lives going forward, including property division (including pensions and business assets), and spousal and child support.

Feigenbaum Consulting offers a unique approach as its multi-disciplinary experience enables it to provide comprehensive advice in both legal and financial matters relating to separation. The firm focuses on providing exceptional service and support to business owners and other high-net-worth individuals, including those with cross-border assets. Mark Feigenbaum and his team ensure clients meet all of their legal obligations while minimizing their financial risk.

Separation vs. Divorce

Separation is the first step in eventually obtaining a divorce. A separated couple remains legally married but lives “separate and apart” from each other. This usually involves at least one of the spouses moving out of the matrimonial home.

A divorce will not automatically occur after some designated period of separation. In fact, a couple can remain separated indefinitely and never apply for divorce. A divorce is, however, necessary if one or both of the former spouses wishes to re-marry. In order to obtain a divorce, you must first be legally separated for at least 12 months.

Considerations for Business Owners

Business owners and entrepreneurs face important financial and property division issues that should be proactively addressed. Following the breakdown of a marriage, the division of business property is much different than the division of other significant assets a spouse may own, including real estate, possessions, or investments. Property division should be considered at the separation stage prior to finalizing a divorce and requires guidance from a family lawyer with specific experience advising business owners.

Feigenbaum Consulting’s Comprehensive Approach

The team at Feigenbaum Consulting brings together several years of litigation, corporate law, tax law, and accounting experience and applies this multi-faceted approach to family law disputes. The firm helps clients retain as much financial stability as possible while helping them move forward after the breakdown of a relationship. Feigenbaum Consulting handles the heavy lifting so clients can focus on adjusting to their new family dynamic. When litigation is required, the firm assertively fights for clients’ legal, financial, and property rights and delivers results.

Contact Feigenbaum Consulting in Toronto for Trusted, Multi-Faceted Advice on Separation

Family law disputes pose distinctive and substantial risks to business owners, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals. Through its experience in Canadian and US law and accounting matters, Feigenbaum Consulting is uniquely suited to provide thorough legal guidance that addresses the entirety of a clients’ needs.

Feigenbaum Consulting is located just outside of Toronto and serves clients in Canada, the US, and internationally. Contact the firm online or call (416) 777-8433, toll-free at (877) 275-4792 to book a consultation on your family law matter.


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