About Us

About Feigenbaum Consulting

Feigenbaum Consulting is a full-service solution for both advocacy and consultation on financial and legal matters. As both an accounting firm and a law firm with the ability to practice in Canada and the US, Feigenbaum Consulting offers comprehensive tax planning strategies, financial consulting, and legal representation in both jurisdictions, all conveniently housed under one roof.

Integrated Legal and Financial Services

Feigenbaum Consulting provides consultations and strategic tax advice to clients on both sides of the Canada/US border. The team’s multidisciplinary proficiency in accounting and tax litigation enables them to be both advisors, managing tax strategies, and advocates, handling tax disputes.

The Feigenbaum Consulting team also advises and represents clients in a number of litigation matters, with a particular interest in areas where legal and financial interests converge. 

Industry Leaders Trusted by Clients and Professionals

Due to the firm’s extensive knowledge of both the U.S. and Canadian tax systems, professionals in both jurisdictions frequently refer matters to the firm.  Lawyers, accountants, financial planners, agents, and business managers, regularly turn to Feigenbaum Consulting for advice and guidance on complex cross-border tax matters. The firm is known for finding innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and for providing exceptional service.

Contact the Team at Feigenbaum Consulting for Comprehensive Solutions for Financial and Legal Issues

The team at Feigenbaum Consulting provides effective, knowledgeable guidance and consulting services for a variety of Canadian and cross-border legal and financial matters. They prioritize accessibility and personalized service to ensure clients are well informed about their matters. Contact the firm online or by telephone at (416) 468-7298 to book a consultation.