Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance

Unparalleled, Comprehensive US Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance Advice

Tax planning is a crucially important aspect of any business financial plan. Feigenbaum Consulting’s extensive experience with US and Canadian tax and business matters makes the firm uniquely positioned to handle corporate clients’ tax planning needs.

Feigenbaum Consulting, led by Mark Feigenbaum, helps clients make informed choices that lower their overall tax burden, ensure tax compliance, and avoid substantial financial penalties. The firm provides clients with peace of mind and the confidence of knowing they have a highly-skilled team managing their tax issues.

Tax Planning to Strengthen Your Business & Your Bottom Line

The knowledgeable team at Feigenbaum Consulting provides trustworthy advice and tax planning services for clients in a variety of situations, including those who are:

Expanding a Business to the US

Any expansion requires a comprehensive strategy to minimize tax exposure and ensure compliance. US tax law is incredibly complex, onerous, and in some cases, unforgiving. Hasty planning can result in severe penalties. Feigenbaum Consulting has extensive experience in this area and can help create a strategy to make the expansion as smooth as possible.

Already Doing Business in the US

Feigenbaum Consulting optimizes the structure of clients’ businesses to minimize tax liability and take full advantage of US federal and state tax rules. With expertise in US tax and US law, the Feigenbaum Consulting team provides sound advice on these complex matters.

Operating a Professional Corporation

US citizens who have incorporated their professional business may be affected by US Controlled Foreign Corporation (C.F.C.) Subpart F rules. These can seriously impact business tax compliance and planning and may be a potential liability. Feigenbaum Consulting routinely navigates these complex rules, saving clients money and hassle.

Full-Service Corporate Tax Planning Solutions

Feigenbaum Consulting specializes in corporate tax planning services that include:

  • Assistance in choice of entity, whether a corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Company), partnership, etc.
  • Analysis on determination of permanent establishments
  • Setup of subsidiaries
  • US incorporation and choice of jurisdiction
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Dissolution, amendments, amalgamations
  • State and local tax issues
  • Transfer pricing analysis and fee agreement drafting
  • US and Canadian corporate tax preparation

Contact Feigenbaum Consulting in Toronto for Stand-Out US Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance Services

Feigenbaum Consulting‘s multi-disciplinary knowledge of US tax and US law provides clients with confidence that their cross-border business initiatives will be positioned for success. The firm helps clients reduce their overall tax burden, shields their business from liabilities, and avoids the pitfalls that result from improper tax planning. 

Feigenbaum Consulting is located in Thornhill, just minutes north of Toronto. The firm proudly services clients in Canada, the US, and throughout the world. To discuss how to make your transition across the border as smooth as possible, call (905) 695-1269 or toll-free at (877) 275-4792. You can also reach out to us online.


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