Cross-Border Estate Planning

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Cross-Border Estate Planning

We use our broad experience with both Canadian and US estate tax legislation to create strategies to transfer and preserve wealth for those subject to estate taxation in both countries.

With our extensive knowledge in this complex area we ensure that our clients take advantage of all available tax minimization and deferral opportunities when creating a custom tailored tax solution.

As leaders in the field we are frequently consulted by US and Canadian estate and tax practitioners on complicated cross-border estate matters.

Avoid Serious Cross-Border Tax Issues with Effective Estate Planning

Estate taxes can be a huge liability if you are not properly prepared. For example, if you are a Canadian who owns property in the US but are not a US citizen or resident, the US will tax your estate 40% of the fair value of the property.

You may have a serious estate tax issue if you are a US citizen and have used a typical Canadian estate freeze (such as a 85/86 or holdco freeze with or without a family trust). We can assist you and your Canadian counsel in assessing the available options.

We prepare US Estate tax returns (Forms 706/706NA) and are routinely consulted by other accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals and financial planners to assist their clients on estate planning or post-mortem tax advice.

Estate tax issues can be hugely complex and burdensome. We know how to handle these issues well and are routinely sought out by clients, their counsel and other professionals for security in minimizing tax exposure.

We can Help Minimize Tax Exposure for You and Your Heirs

Estate tax issues are not something you should be facing without the assistance of a professional who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of the area. Contact us about minimizing your tax exposure and that of your heirs.  We offer services to clients in the US, Canada and around the world. Contact us by email or at (905) 695-1269 or toll free at (877) 275-4792.