Personal Tax Planning and Compliance

Personal Tax Planning and Compliance for Complex Matters & High-Net-Worth Individuals

The team at Feigenbaum Consulting has extensive experience creating customized tax strategies for highly complex matters and for high-net-worth individuals.  The firm works with clients to create personalized solutions that streamline compliance requirements and take advantage of all possible current and future opportunities to reduce their tax burden.  Due to their in-depth knowledge of the tax and legal systems in both Canada and the US, the team has a robust understanding of how changes in one jurisdiction affect compliance in the other. Feigenbaum Consulting provides comprehensive tax planning and compliance advice and is highly regarded for its expertise in developing innovative tax strategies for clients. Canadian and American accountants and lawyers routinely seek the firm’s guidance with complicated tax compliance issues.

Comprehensive Tax Planning and Compliance Solutions

As both an accounting firm and a law firm with the ability to practice in Canada and the US, Feigenbaum Consulting offers comprehensive tax planning and compliance strategies to clients on either side of the border.  Our expertise in both countries allows us to manage the unique issues presented by owning multiple properties and having multiple revenue sources. 

Feigenbaum Consulting provides the following services to clients in Canada and the US:

  • Personal tax preparation
  • Drafting US trusts and US wills
  • Trust taxation work including Estate and Gift (Form 706/709) tax return
  • Information reporting such as :
    • Form 5471/5472, Information returns with respect to US owners of certain foreign (non-US) Corporations, or foreign owners of US corporations
    • Form 3520/3520-A, Annual Return to Report Transactions with Foreign (non-US) Trusts and Receipt of Certain Foreign Trusts
    • Form FinCEN 114, Report of Foreign (non-US) Bank and Financial Accounts
  • Consulting and planning services on all complex tax compliance matters

For Skilled Guidance with Personal Tax Planning & Compliance, Contact Feigenbaum Consulting in Toronto

Contact Feigenbaum Consulting for a custom solution to personal tax planning needs. The firm provides effective, knowledgeable guidance and consulting services for a variety of Canadian and cross-border legal and financial matters. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact the firm online or by telephone at (416) 777-8433 or toll-free at (877) 275-4792.