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Sports & Entertainment

We provide a range of cross-border tax services to top athletes and entertainers in Canada and the US. Our experience and extensive knowledge of both countries’ tax systems have made us trusted advisors to agents, producers, writers, musicians, actors, directors, professional athletes, coaches and managers who routinely come to us for assistance with their tax and legal work. Our services are always personalized and confidential.

In addition to US and Canadian accounting designations, Mark Feigenbaum holds a Masters of Laws (LLM) degree in Entertainment, Media and Sports Law, and a Doctorate in Law (JSD) focusing on the taxation of sports and entertainment professionals. This is an area of special interest and our team continually pursues further education in this field. Tax law and policy are constantly evolving; we make it a priority to stay current with developments on both sides of the border.

Services Commonly Provided to Sports & Entertainment Industry Clients

With our expertise in tax issues affecting those in the sports & entertainment industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive tax and legal services including:

  • General tax and legal work
  • Tax returns
  • Complex tax planning for talent with multi-jurisdictional deals
  • Setup and management of loan-outs for tax/legal planning and to manage withholding taxes
  • Other mechanisms for reducing or eliminating withholding tax, such as US central withholding agreements (CWA’s) and Canadian Regulation 102 and 105 waivers
  • US legal work on productions, endorsements, intellectual property (copyright, trademarks), review of player contracts, tax residency controversy, publication (book, dvd) deals, and audit support
  • Immigration (particularly O-1 and P-1 series non-immigrant visas and EB-1 (Green Card) immigrant visas
  • Multiple jurisdiction tax claims
  • Jurisdictional issues with real estate closings and ownership

We Lower Your Tax Risk

Contact us for assistance with your tax matters and learn how our knowledge of jurisdictional laws and regulations can help lower your overall tax risk and yield sizable tax benefits. We offer services to clients in the US, Canada and around the world.  Contact us online to learn more about how we can help or call us at (905) 695-1269 or toll free at (877) 275-4792